Digital Presence Management

Digital Presence Management

Today more consumers search for products and services online and then buy them in store.

The new business cycle begins with search results and ends with reviews. Therefore, getting your local business, products and services in between these two points is vital in today's market.

Today more consumers search for products and services online and then buy them in store.


The new local customer journey.

Archant Digital Solutions Consumer Process
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Google Searches

In the search “Pie shops in Norwich”, Google provides some shop locations, addresses, phone numbers, opening times and even some pictures of the shop in the ‘My Business’ section. It does this by carefully analysing location and other information that is published online. Google checks whether the shop is really there so customers aren’t misled. It’s also careful to provide relevant search results, that is, pie shops that people in Norwich actually want to go to. It might seem like a straightforward way of managing search enquiries, but making sure search results and relevant, accurate and useful, is more difficult than it looks.
To ensure that it can provide the best results, Google scans the internet for sources. It looks in directories for relevant information of a company’s name, address, phone number, opening times, etc. Now, imagine a number of these directories provides contradictory information for a pie shop in Norwich - one says it has information regarding “Pies 4 U” on 87 Main Road, but another says it has “Pies for you” at 87a Main Road.

Third directory says the shop is open from 8am-5pm on Saturdays, and another states it is open from 9am-6:30pm. These seemingly minor differences create a huge problem for the business, as Google gets a little confused. It’s not sure which of the sources has the correct information about the shop. It searches further directories, and pulls out more inconsistent information.

Therefore, Google presents what it can, but it will be very low down on the search results list. Pie shops which have more consistent information across directories are pushed up in the search results priority list.
Google also searches for customer reviews, after all, customers can tell you when they’ve been to a shop or not. In its My Business profile, Google finds that there are several customer reviews for “Pies 4 U”. This creates a little bit more confidence - at least a pie shop exists in that area. Furthermore, the shop is now using Archant’s Digital Presence Management and has provided solid opening times, and address information in its business profile - there seems to be a Pies 4 U shop at 87 Church Street. Google further strengthens this information by updating the internet with these new details - if there are many relevant directories which match this new information consistently and can now confirm that Pies 4 U at 87 Church Street is really there, then it pushes the result to the top of the organic search results list.

Reputation Management

People are researching businesses online and increasingly making purchasing decisions based on what they find.

Archant’s reputation management will help your business to quickly respond to both good and bad feedback - all from a single page. This ensures you won’t miss any customer feedback. Having plenty of online reviews from satisfied customers and engaging with your audience on social media contributes to a powerful online presence that will attract new customers.

Archant’s Digital Presence Management ensures that Google's trust is built for the business so that it can be found, both online and in the real world - resulting in more customers.

Listing Management

Taking control of the online business listings is a key part of earning a good local SEO ranking.

Our team of specialists handle all aspects of listing needs in order to boost the local authority in Google:
  • Listing cleanup
  • Build new, accurate listings
  • Distribute data via Local Data Aggregators
  • Create Google My Business + Bing local listings
  • Remove duplicate listings

Archant Digital Solutions Lisitng Management
We make sure your business listing is propagated over 50 major directories and hubs and is kept up-to-date, which will boost your search results ranking.
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Trade Services
Small Business

Offers, News & Menus

Digital Presence Management enables better communication with customers through real-time notifications of special offers, latest news and menus (food or services). Scheduling automates the process of publishing and ensures out of date information is removed.

Archant’s Digital Presence Management is the one digital tool every business can’t afford to be without.


Measuring the improvement of the digital presence programme is key. Our team constantly measure how a business digital profile is performing in order that the programme can be adjusted and tweaked to deliver the optimal result. 

Progress reports are available which can be viewed at any time via an online portal.
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